2018 Goals

Someone told me they had a writer friend who had a goal of a million words this year.  My first thought, was “that’s crazy”.  My second thought was “me, too”.  I love goals like that.  But then the math is about 2800 words a day.  I could do it, but then when would I have time to edit?

Then my friend suggested I could do half.  500,000 words in 2018, which is almost 1400 words a day.  Doable.  That will leave me enough time to edit, too.  I won’t use all the words I write this year (not that any writer keeps everything they write).  But it will be good lubrication for my writing brain and a fun goal.

The next goal is to get a short story published this year.  “Love in the Crow’s Nest”.  I’ve polished that baby so many times, it should be a diamond by now (but isn’t).  So, I’ve got to find some time to cut it down, get it lean and mean, and try to find it a home.

My biggest, most important goal is to finish “The Color of Trauma”.  The rough first draft is already done.  My critique group is helping me work through the draft.  There won’t be enough time to get through all of it with the group by the end of the year, but I hope to get far enough to finish on my own.  I want to get that baby published!  My goal is to have it pitch ready by the first week in January 2019.

I’ll have smaller goals that will pop up, too.  I always do Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in April and July and the actual NaNoWriMo in November.  But those are foregone conclusions and so not very goal-like for me.

Wish me luck, oh great beyond (that’s still what the Internet feels like).  2018, I hope, will be a very good writing year.

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  1. Came across your blog post by chance. Wondering why your book is called ‘The Color of Trauma is Pink’? Is this from personal experience? I suffer with PTSD and my trauma would be anything but pink.

    1. My novel is fiction, and it was suggested to call it The Color of Trauma, which I was convinced was better. In the novel, the protagonist has the ability to see other’s memories. With her gift, a person’s memories are represented with different colors, but the traumatic ones are always pink. She can take a traumatic memory from a victim and hold it herself. I chose pink specifically because it is unexpected, as trauma often is.

      Thanks for your interest. And I wish you the best in dealing with your past trauma.

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