Oh Shit, It’s Due Tomorrow

Nothing like coming up to the end of the year to discover that I’m not coasting up to my goal for 2019, but lagging behind. Blog posts. Ugh. Still, eighteen was a good goal, 1.5 blog posts a month. And it’s early December, so welcome to the blog post cram!

So…how about some updates. 

Pitch Wars:  cue the “wah, wah” losing game show sound bit. Crickets. I didn’t hear a peep from anyone, and it was a pretty sad affair, too, because for the first two weeks, I cyber-stalked all my would-be mentors on Twitter, like, compulsively. Last year I pitched and got a nibble, but even then I was pretty chill about it. This year, for whatever reason, I really, really wanted to be picked. I’m talking jr. high levels of want. But, it was not to be. I panicked at first, as It’s Raining Men is my most marketable project by a city block. If nobody is interested in this little gem, I thought, I am completely screwed for life (I’m overly dramatic like that at times). In retrospect, I think I spent so much time getting the pitch and the synopsis ready that I didn’t consider the first ten pages enough. I’m re-working the beginning. So, though it was a disappointment, it made me look critically at the project and spot a weakness. This is a good thing. AND, it got my project close to ready for beta readers. The outside impetus to hit a goal was very helpful. Yay, me?

The Color of Trauma: I actually started pitching this bad girl to agents.  General consensus is to cool the pitching over the holidays, so I’m done for the year. I sent out eight queries altogether. So far, I’ve gotten three rejections (all form letters too, which is discouraging). These were all heavy hitters, though, so the rejections are expected. Still stung, though. There is a thing that writers sometimes do where they celebrate their rejections. I’ve never felt the appeal of that attitude, though I do understand it.  Personally, I just flinch and move on. Rejections are a part of writing…a big ol’ part…so this is the pain that will make eventual victory so sweet. After we’re a couple of weeks into January, I’ll start pitching again. 2020 is going to be a good year!

All right, update done.  Five more posts to go!

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