This site will be so much more interesting once I have a novel published. In the meantime, please join me in my journey to publication and writing madness!

My projects:

The Color of Trauma

Kiera Brayleigh gave up on “normal” long ago, but she’s still hoping for functional—which is why she is beyond pissed off when Detective Dean Matthson crashes her group therapy session, hoping to manipulate one of them into helping him with his serial killer case. Because Kiera isn’t in normal group therapy. She’s in group therapy for memory readers, people “gifted” with the ability to read people’s memories, experiencing them, and transfer traumatic memories from a victim to themselves.

She pities the victim, but a brutally assaulted rape victim in a coma not expected to live past the week? Only an idiot would take a peek into that memory. Kiera, it turns out, is an idiot.

When Kiera wakes with the feeling she’s seen the killer before, in the memory of another victim, she finds herself forced to help, and be helped by, that bastard cop with the charming dimples.

Dean, a gifted interrogator and workaholic, finds himself working more than just his exhausting caseload once he meets Kiera. With the lead role in the biggest case of his career on one side and an engaging yet impossible woman on the other, Dean struggles with finding a balance between dating and duty.

When the killer discovers that Kiera has seen his work and decides he’d like to add her to his conquests, it becomes a race to see who will capture who first.

The Color of Trauma is a supernatural thriller at 99,000 words that explores trauma, how it shapes a life but doesn’t, necessarily, define it.

Status: The Color of Trauma won the 2019 Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Manuscript Project contest!  Color me happy!  My prize of book cover design and copyediting is completed.  Time to pitch!