Here are links to useful websites for aspiring writers.

  • 4 the Words – The most fun and motivating way to get words on the page.  Friend me!  Username:  Valeria (my first Protagonist). Also, if you want to share some bonuses, use my referral code: YHOFN16526.
  • National Novel Writing Month – Write a novel in a month!  Writing goal of 50,000 words in November.  There is also Camp NaNo in April and July, where you can set your own word count goal.
  • Soon To Be Famous – An organization that encourages new authors, and always free and supportive.
  • Goodreads – for finding books and keeping track of what you’ve read and what you liked (and didn’t like).
  • Off Campus Writers’ Workshop – One of the best sources of writing seminars, located in Winnetka, IL.
  • CR Rowenson – All things magic! Clark is amazing, and he’s got a lot of free content out there, but he’s a fantastic consultant.
  • Writing Excuses – Great, short, practical podcast for writers.
  • Creative Academy for Writers – Free content, groups, events for every aspect of writing and it’s free!
  • Savvy Authors – good online source for writing classes.
  • MailerLite – Newsletter hosting. 
  • Joyce Lamb, editor and author. She really streamlined book two and served double duty for book three!
  • Steph Morgan, editor – My book one editor and character arc Sherpa!
  • Okay Creations My amazing cover designer, Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations
  • Olivier Darbonville – Interior book designer. I cannot gush enough about his amazing talent and professionalism. 
  • Writer’s Police Academy – kick ass conference every August where writers can learn and experience law enforcement, crime, and other cool stuff. 
  • Canva – Visual tools. I love, love, love their platform. They make me feel arty in a talented way.
  • Query Shark – For when you’re ready to tackle the horrible, tedious, hair-pulling task of writing a query letter.
  • Meaning of Names – my go-to place for finding meaningful character names.  Unless I just like a name.
  • Graveyard Shift – Lee Loftland’s blog for all things cop and writer.
  • Twenty Percent True – Free fiction podcast.  Monster tales with a twist.
  • Pacemaker – Great accountability tool for writers. Many writing goals available. 
  • StikK – Another great accountability tool, though not specific to writing. This one can be setup to involve some serious stakes. 
  • Cinema Chicago – Screenings year-round and The Chicago International Film Festival.  Culture and whatnot.
Sisters in Crime

Here are other useful links